The Venue

The venue for this year’s conference is the Marriott City Centre Hotel in Bristol. It is a real break in tradition and is the first conference we’ve held in a hotel since Jersey in 2002. We chose a hotel partly out of necessity but also because feedback from previous conferences suggested strongly that delegates wanted better facilities, especially accommodation.

The Marriott City Centre Hotel is right in the heart of Bristol city centre and a few minutes walk from Temple Meads Station. The recent development of shops, cafes and restaurants in Cabot Circus is just over the road from the hotel and there’ll be plenty of opportunity for delegates to explore what Bristol has to offer.

Visiting the hotel in January was my first real visit to Bristol and I’m really looking forward to attending the conference and seeing more.


One response to “The Venue

  1. soaconference2009

    Jenny HonSec: Venue is lovely – centrally located and near to Harvey Nic’s for expensive shopping and others for cheap shopping. Rooms are nice and comfortable and the staff are helpful and friendly. I’ve been in the swimming and spa pools – how healthy and impressive is that?! The bar is nice but pricey – it’s a hotel – but there’s no requirement to use it. Food has been lovely too.
    looking forward to the gala dinner tonight. I just hope I don’t fall into the Roman baths.

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