Some Groundrules

We want this to be a lively and honest view of the conference made by a wide variety of people attending. Please observe the following guidelines to ensure happy and interesting blogging:

Keep on topic: The blog is about the Society of Archivists’ conference 2009. Please remain within this broad theme and keep to the particular thread or start a new one. Wider comments about the Society, mergers, organisation etc. are not for this forum.

Be honest: We need to know what’s really happening and what you really thought but …

Don’t be abusive or personal: be honest but try to be constructive if your post is critical or negative. Remark on what you would have liked to have seen addressed rather than just saying something was a load of rubbish.

Express your views rather than someone elses – don’t attribute comments to others even if true. That person may not want what they said in the public domain.

There’s a reason it’s called the World Wide Web: remember that your comments can be seen by a global audience including future employers! Also be wary of giving details that might identify who you are, where you live and work and other personal information.


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