Richard Blake: New Records Management Code of Practice

Following the code, clear that people did not know how to assess themselves re compliance. The current self-assessment tool supplemented compliance workbook. More intuitive and supplements the previous questionnaire. It also auto-generates a risk assessment that can be displayed in a number of forms. This has been field-tested by a number of local authorities.

Richard explained how the current tool works and displays the information. Idea was to work through each module in turn and has around 180 questions. Currently eight modules but will be nine on the new one. Covers information government and risk management under module 1 – organisational arrangements. Module 5 stresses the importance of maintenance in the digital domain especially for long retention periods. Module 7 on disposal covers what many call retention. TNA tried to avoid confusion over use of the word retention. Module 8 very important as covers collaborative working. Intended to apply to contractors and did not originally take account of partnership working.

Concern that guide must be useable and it will reference existing resources. Diagram of Knowledge and Information Professional Skills Framework. Also important to ensure that there are appropriate training courses and qualifications to support the development of these skills.

Implementation guides currently available on TNA website. Richard also offered support and advice to people with queries about the code or compliance and implementation.

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