Updated conference programme

An updated programme has been published on the Society of Archivists website. Additions to the programme include Professor Randall Jimerson, Head of the Graduate Archives and Records Management Programme at Western Washington University, who will be giving a keynote address entitled Archivists and the Call to Justice. We also have Dr Karen Gracy and George Oates providing a conference summary on Friday.

The Information Exchange programme is also taking shape with a mix of presentations and special interest group sessions and the Information Marketplace. Clive Billeness will also be giving a lunchtime demonstration of the PLANETS toolkit.

4 responses to “Updated conference programme

  1. Just a quick word from your Conference Committee Chair – I really do think that the team has worked hard to create a programme that has something for everyone! I hope that you enjoy Conference 2009, and if there is a session that you feel is missing, why not propose a paper to us for Conference 2010?

    • soaconference2009

      From Jenny HonSec: I agree Justin – the team and Sounds Commercial have done a great job. The Bristol Marriott is a lovely venue and has excellent facilities. Staff very friendly and I even had a swim and a leisurely dip in the spa pool – how healthy is that?! Anyone not here is really missing out, but the good news is that Manchester will be great too.

  2. If anyone missed my talk (Defining the Public Task of Local Authority Archives), and feels deeply deprived – here’s a wordle of the entire talk. Some of the words do rather leap out at you.

    (I’m hoping a link thumbnail will appear below, but in case it’s just a mess of coding, you can see the Wordle at http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/1088991/Defining_the_Public_Task).

  3. Alas! No thumbnail appeared – and you need to take the bracket off the end of the hyperlink too or it doesn’t work.

    The thudding sound you can hear is a frustrated archivist kicking Web 2.0 till it behaves.

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