The Ghost of Conferences Past

Martin @ Hull said:

I shall miss the sociability of everyone mucking together in the sometimes adverse circumstances of halls of residence. My first conference was Edinburgh in ‘95 or ‘96. In those days halls of residence rooms weren’t necessarily en suite, and the sight of the big beasts of archives roaming the halls in their tartan dressing gowns was something to behold! Mind you it underlined that the profession was a democratic and friendly place, as you stood shaving next to a County Archivist, and you a relative newcomer!

One Response to “The Ghost of Conferences Past”

Jenny Hon Sec Says:
June 11, 2009 at 9:41 am | Reply  

That does sound like a sight to behold! My first conference was Sheffield in 1998 – I was terrified as I was a speaker as well. It was a great experience though. I remember Patrick Cadell, our then president I think, saying “I’ve only been to Sheffield once before and that was a mistake” He tried to clarify that he had actually meant that he wished he had visited more often but it was too late to stop the gales of laughter from the audience.


One response to “The Ghost of Conferences Past

  1. johnontheriviera

    Are but you’ll be able to entertain in style in your room rather than all be squatting on a dubious carpet

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