Hello world!

Hi everyone,

This is the first post in what we hope will become a stream of information and  comment on the forthcoming Society of Archivists Annual Conference to be held in Bristol, UK between Tuesday 1st and Friday 4th September 2009. The title of the conference is Fast Forward: access and preservation in a digital world and the programme will encompass both the larger issues that concern the archive, records management and conservation professions as well as focusing on issues with audio-visual material, in particular.

We hope that you’re going to be as enthused about the conference as we are and, as the conference draws nearer, we’ll be using this blog to keep you informed as to some of the things that are planned.

Beyond this aim, we’ll also use this blog and our corresponding Twitter feed, to allow conference-goers the opportunity to comment and provide feedback as the conference takes place.

7 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Jenny Hon Sec

    I may be alone in this, but I love conference, I really do. It’s a chance to catch up with people I haven’t seen for ages (often years), rant about various things in the world of archives to a sympathetic audience, find out the gossip and drink a lot. It’s a bit like being a student again for a week – sometimes literally complete with dodgy shower and cardboard bed. Of course, this year we’re going posh in a proper hotel which may give drinking cheap wine out of a tooth mug at 3am following the annual dinner a veneer of sophistication it has previously lacked. then again, it may not.

  2. soaconference2009

    Jenny, you’re not alone in loving the conference. As you say, this year the Marriott City Centre is the venue and it’s a good one. So there shouldn’t be any cardboard beds and dodgy showers! We all had a look at the hotel back in January and its spacious, clean and in the centre of Bristol so it’s handy for all that the city can offer.

    • Jenny Hon Sec

      That’s excellent. I won’t be sorry to see the less comfortable aspects of conference disappear, although there is something magnificent about all members of the profession from the most recently qualified to the Society’s president taking possession of a small student bedroom. I bet you don’t find that in law and accountancy. It’s very egaliterian somehow. Of course it’s easy to put up with student beds if you’re more 5 ft than 6ft.

  3. I’d like to second what soaconference2009 has to say about the venue – it’s excellent and will give us lots of room for the different strands and the demonstrations that the conservators will be giving. This year nobody will be sitting on the floor 😉

    Despite the impression sometimes given, Conference isn’t all about booze and being silly – it’s just that some of us feel the need to engage in proactive relaxation after what can be quite intense sessions.

    Last year (which was my first full conference) I was physically exhausted by the Friday – and that, I promise, was due to the work-aspect.

    Having said this, the Assistant Hon Secretary and I have scouted ahead and found a nice pub near the hotel…

    Hope to see some of you in September!

    • Jenny Hon Sec

      Silly he says!
      But yes, m’learned colleague is right to mention the actual content of the conference. I’m really looking forward to Andrew Motion’s address as I’ve heard he’s a very good speaker. And it might sound corny, but I’ve never seen a lantern slide show (both on the Tuesday). I’m also interested in a lot of the legal/ethical papers. The conservation programme looks interesting too – I might attend the session on cyclododecane to find out what it is.

  4. I too am looking forward to Andrew Motion’s keynote address. I’m most looking forward to George Oates’s paper on the Flickr Commons and other Web 2.0 forays made by heritage organisations. I’m hoping that people will find the programme as a whole pretty interesting and feel spoilt for choice.

  5. Martin @ Hull

    I shall miss the sociability of everyone mucking together in the4 sometimes adverse circumstances of halls of residence. My first conference was Edinburgh in ’95 or ’96. In those days halls of residence rooms weren’t necessarily en suite, and the sight of the big beasts of archives roaming the halls in their tartan dressing gowns was something to behold! Mind you it underlined that the profession was a democratic and friendly place, as you stood shaving next to a County Archivist, and you a relative newcomer! I hope that we don’t lose that feeling of everyone being on the same side amid the slick corporatism of the Bristol Marriott.

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